1. How can I see your prices?

You can see our prices on the main page, introducing the pick up, destination, journey dates and then clicking on "get price".

2. Do prices vary depending on the number of passengers?

No. Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and not the number of passengers.

3. Do all drivers speak English?

Yes, all our drivers are English or speak English.

4. What type of vehicles do you have?

Our operators have saloon cars which seat 4 passengers, MPVs which seat 6 passengers and vans which seat up to 8 passengers. Premium vehicles are also available. The driver is counted separately and doesn’t take up a seat.

5. What happens if we are more than 8 passengers?

We accept bookings for groups of up to 16 people. You must indicate this at the time of booking and the system will automatically assign you the number of vehicles needed. If you are more than 16 passengers, you will need to make multiple bookings.

6. I am travelling with children and/or babies. Do you have child car seats?

Despite the fact that in the United Kingdom child car seats are not mandatory for private vehicles with professional drivers, all our operators have child seats for babies and booster seats for children. If required, you must request them at the time of booking. A maximum of 2 child/booster seats can be requested per vehicle and will be provided free of charge.

7. Can I carry my child on my lap so that he does not occupy a seat?

No. Children occupy a seat like adults. It is illegal to travel with more people than the number allowed in a vehicle.

8. Is there any luggage limit?

The luggage is limited by the size of the trunk. The amount of luggage that fits in each type of vehicle is indicated at the time of booking. In case of doubt, please contact us.

9. How much in advance should I make the booking?

You must book at least 12 hours before the service. We strongly recommend booking just after having booked your flight to avoid availability problems.

10. Are there discounts for round trips?

Yes, we offer a £5 discount if you book a return journey.

11. I arrive and depart from different airports. Can I book a round trip?

No, it is considered a round trip one in which you arrive and depart from the same airport. If you arrive and depart from different airports, you will have to make two independent one-way bookings (the same way as you did to book your flights).

12. What pick up time should I indicate?

For airport pick ups, you must indicate the flight landing time. For pick ups elsewhere, you must indicate the time you want the driver to pick you up from your accommodation.

13. What time should I request the pick up for if I am travelling to an airport?

For transfers from London to its airports, we recommend requesting the pick up for at least THREE HOURS before the scheduled departure time, or even more during peak hours if you are travelling to Southend airport.

14. What is the travel time between central London and its airports?

Route Estimate Real
London - Stansted 1h 20min Real time
London - Gatwick 1h 30min Real time
Londres - Heathrow 50min Real time
London - Luton 1h 10min Real time
London - City 50min Real time
London - Southend 1h 45min Real time

These times are estimated and may vary depending on the day, time and traffic. Use them as a simple guide. Neither ANGLOTRANSFERS nor the OPERATORS are responsible for the loss of any flight.

15. What happens if the flight is delayed? Do I have to let you know?

At the time of booking, we request your flight number. This allows the drivers to track the flights, so it is not necessary to contact us. Anyhow, you can still contact the driver at any time to let him know of any delay or mishap.

Waiting time does not start to count until flight lands.

If the flight is delayed more than 3 hours in relation to the expected landing time, anglotransfers does not guarantee the provision of the service, which will be cancelled due to absence of the customer. In these cases, we recommend you exercise your rights as air passengers and claim pertinent compensations to your airline or travel insurance.

16. How long will the driver wait for me at the airport?

The driver will wait for free up for 60 minutes after landing time. As of that moment, the first additional 30 minutes of extra waiting time incur in a £15 parking surcharge, increasing to £20 for each successive 30 minute period. If no notice is received from the customer after 90 minutes from landing time, the driver will leave the airport and the service will be cancelled due to absence of the customer.

17. How can I identify the driver?

For airport pick ups, the driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall holding a sign with lead passenger’s name 30 minutes after the landing time. For hotel or private accommodation pick ups, the driver will be waiting for you at the door or hotel lobby, as long as he can park his vehicle safely. Additionally, for your peace of mind, the day before the service, we will send you by email the driver’s name and phone number so that you can contact him directly, if necessary.

18. Is there a contact phone number in case I have a problem?

Yes. In addition to the driver’s phone number, the day before your service, we will also send you by email the operator's emergency telephone numbers to call in case of any incident or setback, where you will always be attended in English.

19. How do I pay for the service?

You can pay by card in advance at the time of booking or in cash to the driver at drop off. If you pay in cash, you must pay a deposit in advance to guarantee your booking: £10 for one way journeys and £15 for return (or £15 and £25 for premium vehicles). The remaining amount must be paid in cash to the driver at the end of the service (in case of return services, you will pay half of the remaining amount after each journey). Drivers only accept payments in pounds sterling (GBP). No other currencies or card payments will be accepted.

20. Do you issue invoices?

Yes, of course. If you need a receipt or invoice for any service, you can request it through MY BOOKINGS once the service is finalized.

21. Do your prices vary with time or distance?

No, all our prices are fixed and all-inclusive for any address in central London (Zones 1 and 2). In case of traffic jams or alternative routes, no extra is charged per time or per mile.

22. My accommodation is not in central London. Is there an additional charge?

For addresses outside London zones 1 and 2, the operator can request a payment of an additional charge for extra distance. If this is the case, we will indicate its cost upon reception of your booking request. If you do not agree with the additional charge, you will have the option to cancel the booking and get a full refund. If you want to know in advance the cost of the additional charge, get in touch with us.

23. Can I request an intermediate stop?

Yes, of course, but all intermediate stops come with an additional charge. You must request intermediate stops at the time of booking and we will indicate its cost upon reception of your request. If you do not agree with the additional charge, you will have the option to cancel the booking and get a full refund. If you want to know in advance the cost of the additional charge, get in touch with us.

24. I have changed my mind and I want to cancel my booking, how do I do it?

You can manage, modify or cancel your bookings free of charge up to a maximum of 24 hours before your service through MY BOOKINGS. In case of later cancellation, you will incur in cancelation fees.

25. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation of services paid by card:

- More than 24 hours in advance: Full refund of money paid.
- Less than 24 hours in advance: Refund of many paid except for a £10 cancellation fee.
- Less than 12 hours in advance: No refund.

Cancellation of services paid in cash:

- More than 24 hours in advance: Full refund of deposit.
- Less than 24 hours in advance: Deposit is not refunded.
- Less than 12 hours in advance: The pending amount to be paid is charged to your credit card as cancellation fees.

26. What happens if I change my mind and do not show up at the last minute without notifying?

If at the time of pick up you are absent or do not show up, you will be charged the remaining amount to be paid on your card. In case you have paid for your service in advance, the amount paid will not be refunded.

27. Is your service reliable?

If it was not reliable, we will not be offering it. We are part of the iberotransfers group, a top-rated airport transfer service company in London. All our operators and drivers have their licenses and insurances in force. You can also check the reviews of previous users on our website or on Tripadvisor.

28. I still have doubts ...

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.